Meal Saver

Eliminate meal wastage while keeping it dry and edible. Totally wind, rain and pest proof.

Holds 150kg
L 1.2m x W800mm
Opening H 550mm. Total H 730mm
Eliminates meal wastage
Totally wind, rain and pest proof
Keeps meal dry and edible
Counter balance lids that calves can easily lift with their noses
Fitted with skids

Lids are chained up for training. Once calves are trained, reduce the weight in the counter balance by letting some water out. Now claves lift the lids with their noses and the meal is now protected from rain and pests.

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Our focus is on the design, manufacturing and the quality assembly of agricultural products. Virgin plastic is used in the construction of the troughs making them one of the strongest on the market and all components where possible, are manufactured in New Zealand.