Milkbar 100

MilkBar 100 mobile Calf Feeder, 100 teats, 2x 550L tanks

MB60SD– 60teat, Single Axle, 500l Tank
MB60TD- 60teat, Tandem Axle, 500l Tank
MB60T750D- 60teat, Tandem Axle, 750l Tank

Feeder length- 7.1m. Width- 1.8m. Height-1.2m
Drawbar length- 2m
Tank Volume 1,100l. Manifold Volume 500l
Front axle track 1.18m. Rear axle track 1.58m
Twin tanks with moulded in pump casing and holding 550l each with marked gradients
50mm taps and plumbing
75x50mm galvanized box section chassis with suspension and tandem axles at rear for strength
Manual leveler levels the manifolds when feeding on uneven ground and lowers one end for the complete drainage and cleaning
No tuning limit to steering axle gives great maneuverability. A long drawbar keeps tractor wheels away from the manifolds when turning, and allows good access for calves.

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Our focus is on the design, manufacturing and the quality assembly of agricultural products. Virgin plastic is used in the construction of the troughs making them one of the strongest on the market and all components where possible, are manufactured in New Zealand.