MilkBar 60 Deluxe

MilkBar 60 Deluxe, 60 Teats, either single or tandem axel with option of 500 or 750L tank

MB60SD– 60teat, Single Axle, 500l Tank
MB60TD- 60teat, Tandem Axle, 500l Tank
MB60T750D- 60teat, Tandem Axle, 750l Tank

Single Axle weight – 157kg
Tandem Axle weight – 196kg
Drawbar length – 1.25m
Teat spacing – 110mm
Manifold volume – 300l (150l each)
Sideways levelling
Suspension for a smooth ride
Drawbar handle, guard and jockey wheel
Increased wheel base of 1.35m
Two drain taps for easy cleaning
Round tank eliminates milk surge for stability
Manual leveler ensures and even flow of milk
Molded 50mm thread in tank for pump or hose
The center bush of the walking beam is an oily bush which is self lubricating and ultra durable

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