Simple, durable and very easy to use

  • Moulded in 50mm pipe thread in top of tank for pump or hose
  • Secure flip lid
  • Galvanized trailer
  • Two large drain taps for cleaning 
  • Marked gradients
  • Round tank eliminates milk surge for superior stability
  • Manual leveller ensures an even flow of milk to all teats
  • New tank design allows you to thread a pump or hose into your tank

PLUS the tank levels with the manifolds to give you:

  • A low centre of gravity
  • No pipes or plumbing 
  • The tank that completely drains 
  • The ability to alter the weight on the drawbar for balance

Milk Bar Mobiles have NO pipes or tubes to clog and trap bacteria and are very easy to clean

  • Wind the leveller down and open the drain taps. Give it a rinse.
  • Level the mobile. Put hot water and Milk Bar Detergent in the tank.
  • Lightly scrub the tank and manifolds
  • With hot water in the manifolds, clean the teats with a horizontal scrubbing action. This bends the teast, forcing water back and cleans the inner teat surface
  • Teats do not need to be removed for cleaning

MB50S- Classic 

  • 50 Teats
  • 500L Tanks
  • Single Axle

MB60S - Classic

  • 60 Teats
  • 500L Tank
  • Single Axle

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